Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2021/2022 NCS Portal –\ Custom Service| How To APPLY Faster

Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2021/2022 NCS Portal –\ Custom Service| How To APPLY Faster

Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2021/2022 NCS Portal has now began, All interested Applicants For The NCS Recruitment 2021/2022 Can Custom Recruitment portal

The recruitment portal has been activated and open for any Nigerian that wants to apply

Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2021/2022

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  • 1 Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2021/2022
  • 2 Requirements for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2021/2022
  • 3 Portal and How to Sign Up
  • 4 How To Apply For Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2020
  • 5 Nigerian Customs Recruitment Test Procedure
  • 6 How to Prepare for the Recruitment Test
  • 7 How much is custom salary in Nigeria?
  • 8 What is the official website of Nigeria Custom Service?
  • 9 Nigeria Customs Service list of successful candidates
  • 10 Duties and Responsibilities of Nigerian Custom Service officers

Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Recruitment General Requirement 2021/2022

  • As a decent of Nigeria you can apply.
  • The normal height for male is 1.7 meters while for female and 1.64 meters female.
  • You should be medically fit.
  • Another criteria is that you should be mentally stable.
  • You shouldn’t be under any form of debt.
  • Must be willing to learn and respect your superior officers.
  • Get a certificate of state of origin signed by the Chairman/Secretary of their Local Governments.
  • Note: those convicted by court of competent jurisdiction and also those serving prison terms won’t have any right to apply.


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Job category/ Cadre 2021/2022: NCS Application Registration

There are approximately 3 (three) Cadres for which you may apply. Please note that at the conclusion of the recruitment, approximately 3200 qualified Nigerians who have been shortlisted will be required to fill this slot.

  1. Inspectorate Cadre
  2. Superintendent Cadre
  3. Assistant Cadre

Given that, you are aware of the Cadre positions that are available immediately, let us now provide you with a thorough and realistic guide on how to apply.

Powers and Functions of Nigerian Customs Service

The Board’s key responsibilities include the appointment, promotion, and discipline of service officers. The Board is also responsible for enforcing the Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA). It is the service’s policy-making body.

Vision and Mission of Nigerian Customs Service

  • Nigeria Customs Service is a model and reference administration that excels at delivering effective and efficient service in order to achieve all aspects of its goal.
  • That the Service is a modern, lightweight, and competitive organization that influences policy and aids in the development of Nigeria.
  • That the Service is held in high regard as a leader in customs best practices and international standards.
  • To be the best at collecting and paying for money in a timely and reliable manner.
  • Governmental trade and fiscal strategies are implemented and advised on.
  • Facilitation of trade promotion
  • By developing a competent, transparent administration that adheres to international best practices and obligations, Nigerian society will be
  • protected, and reliable and precise statistical data will be produced.

How to Prepare for the Recruitment Test

The Internet is filled with different preparation techniques if you browse through. Most of this preparation techniques could end or lead one to disaster.
The best techniques that works best is lay your hand on the Nigerian custom service past question paper, try to understand the pattern the questions are set.

If possible find solution to the questions ask and memories as much as you can because questions are often times repeated.


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