How To Apply For DSS Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form Apply Here

How To Apply For DSS Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form

The Department of State Security is actively recruiting for the year 2021/2022. Below you can find the application form, specifications, and instructions on how to apply.

Here is a practical steps that shows you how to apply, recruitment requirements and recruitment starting and closing date.

Our goal is to enable you all apply successfully without finding it difficult submitting your application on the Department of State Security, DSS recruitment portal.

DSS Application Form Eligibility And DSS Recruitment Recruitment 2021/2022 Requirements

  1. All candidates should be naturalized citizens of Nigeria, either born in the country or to Nigerian parents.
  2. Male applicants must stand at least 1.7 meters tall.
  3. Female applicants must stand at least 1.64 meters tall.
  4. The candidate’s extended chest measurement must be at least 0.87 meters.
  5. The applicants must be free of any life-threatening diseases as determined by a government medical officer; they must be mentally fit and have a clean mental record.
  6. Foreigners are not allowed to apply for any role because they must be physically fit for service.
  7. Women who are pregnant are eligible to apply.
  8. Candidates who are over the age of 30 are eligible.
  9. All candidates must have a clear criminal record and have no links to convictions, narcotics, assaults, or vandalism, among other items.
  10. Candidates who are above the age of 30 should not apply for DSS Nigeria.


An higher institution degree.

Candidates should be a Nigerian citizen.

1.7m by male and 1.64m tall by female is  allowed.

You ought to be physically fit

Applicants with paste criminal record are not wanted.

What is the DSS’s Purpose?

The Department of State Security, like any other government entity in Nigeria, has legal backing. In light of this, the DSS’s duties, as specified in the National Security Agencies Act of 1986, are as follows:

  • To avoid, identify, and respond to any crime affecting Nigeria’s internal security.
  • To safeguard and maintain all non-military sensitive information relating to Nigeria’s internal security.
  • Other responsibilities, such as matters affecting internal security in Nigeria, as deemed necessary by the National Assembly or the President, as the case may be.
  • To prevent and detect all military-related crimes against Nigeria’s defense.
  • To attend to all such duties affecting defense intelligence of a military both within and outside Nigeria, as the President or Chief of Defense Staff deem appropriate.
  • Outside of Nigeria, the general maintenance of Nigeria’s security in matters that are not related to military matters.
  • To protect senior government officials, such as the President and Vice President, who are listed below.
  • Governors of individual states.
  • Governors-in-waiting
  • All of the people mentioned above’s immediate families.
  • Other high-ranking officials in the country.
  • Past presidents and their families are invited to attend.
  • Candidate for President and Vice President
  • Foreign heads of state and government officials are being visited.

    What is the Primary Role of the DSS?

    The primary rile of the Department of State Security is formed from its mission statement which is “to protect and defend the Federal Republic of Nigeria against domestic threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of Nigeria, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal and state law-enforcement organs.”

    On this note, the Department of State Security is charged with the primary role of eliminating all kinds of threats against the federal republic of Nigeria.

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